Low-cost and in-line plasma treatment of polymeric web material
Mirko Černák

CEPLANT was established in December 2010 at Department of Physical Electronic, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic with total budget of 214 mil. CZK (8,5 mil Euro) including 182 mil. CZK from the European Regional Development Fund and 32 mil. CZK form the state budget. CEPLANT research team is made up of 30 researchers, technicians and 15 doctoral students, which their primary focus is on applied research of atmospheric cold plasma, application in technologies of material processing, deposition of hard and protective thin layers or plasma diagnostics and simulation. A commercial and proprietary plasma treatment machine will be presented that allows diffuse high-density „cold“ plasma to be sustained in ambient air in a way that permits in-line surface activation and hydrophilization of polymer films, panels, fibres, fabrics etc. on a continuous web handling system similar to a conventional corona system but with much higher flexibility and stability of the plasma treatment effects. The efficiency and economy of this technology will be exemplified by the results on in-line plasma activation of PP and PES fabrics, PP and UHME PE fibres, PP PET, and PE films, paper, etc.