Nová vývojová řada emulzních a pastotvorných PVC
Juraj Obuch

Energochemica SE was established in 2011 in Prague. Our main task is to build a chemical and energy holding which can become one of the leaders in the area of chlorine chemistry in the V4 countries.
Since 2012, FORTISCHEM a. s. has operated the chemical plant in Nováky. The company produces and sells products involving the production and processing of chlorine, calcium carbide, carbide compounds and technical gases. The company's portfolio includes production of PVC and PVC products (INTERNOVA and Slovinyl Siding window frames).
FORTISCHEM produces different sorts of PVC - suspension, emulsion - with range of K value 58-70 for suspension and 60-80 for emulsion PVC. Our product meets requirements for use in food and drug packaging. Emulsion paste making PVC is another area of PVC production, suitable for plastisols, artificial leather and flooring.
Co-polymers of vinylchloride and vinylacetate is one of most expanding area of production. Product is suitable for packaging - again meets requirements for food and pharma, car coatings.
INTERNOVA ans SIDING are product of FORTISCHEM, well known almost 20 years. INTERNOVA with its new design and SIDING with improved coating starts to refresh trademark on the market.
FORTISCHEM focus on development of new types of PVC and co-polymers with respect to end user, to meet his requirements. This is why we are open for cooperation - together with customers to improve properties of our products which deliver more benefit to customer.